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The Score (84)

Here’s a horror gaming news roundup that really does have a little something for everyone! We’ve got a self-proclaimed “true spiritual successor of the greatest horrific games from the 90's” which you’ll be able to play staring at your monitor/TV or on the go, more Call Of Duty Exo Zombie goodness, some genuinely disturbing life-ending combos from the Mortal Kombat X team, and – best of all – some genuine “fast-paced human vs. dinosaur combat”. What more d…

Published on Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Eye Sore

It’s been a while since we last highlighted a fine piece of free horror gaming, so we thought we’d rectify the situation by allowing you to slice a person’s eyeball open with a razor blade. We’re nice like that. Firstly though, those of you with more of an eclectic taste in the strange and unusual may recall a short film by director Luis Buñuel. Un Chien andalou to be specific, whereby the viewer is subjected to increasingly surreal imagery which some view…

Published on Wednesday, April 8, 2015


The Score (83)

Yeah, we know – you don’t have time to take five minutes and catch up on all the latest horror video game news you’ve missed over the last seven days. No time to put the kettle on and wait while it boils. No time to add the water to your preferred blend of coffee beans and enjoy another fine cup of wake up juice. You’re playing Blood Borne, aren’t you? That’s fine. We’d be playing it too if not for the fact that there’s a good chance we’re at least twenty …

Published on Saturday, March 28, 2015


Mind Games

One thing we’re all guilty of at some point in our lives is formulating breathtakingly shit ideas. Ideas so shit that if they were to be entered into a shit idea contest they would win first prize and you would be left with a golden shit statue adorning the mantelpiece for evermore. It’s a simple fact of life. One such monumentally shit idea occurs to the protagonist of The Human Gallery, the next horror video game from talented Finnish developer Jesse Mak…

Published on Thursday, March 26, 2015


The Killing?

Like the majority of horror video game fans, we’re all for carnage on a global scale. We’re first in line to experience the next apocalypse. You’d be hard pressed to drag us away from all-out zombie warfare. There’s nothing we enjoy more than shooting a variety of creatures of the night in the face. That said, there are times we like to dial it down and experience horror on a more personal level, which the now-thriving indie scene does so well. Through The…

Published on Tuesday, March 24, 2015


The Score (82)

Unlike The Oscars, BAFTA recognises the horror genre exists, even within the games industry, as is evident by some of the winners of this year’s BAFTA Game Awards. Some fine choices (along with some equally questionable ones; best game, really?) we think you’ll agree. You can find a full list of the winners nicked and pasted beneath the wealth of horror gaming news we’ve also nicked and pasted below. There really is no better way to start your weekend than…

Published on Saturday, March 14, 2015


Cliché Kills

There is a small group of French indie developers known as “Wild Factor” whom we can safely assume like nothing more than sitting down after a hard day’s coding and watching either Scream or The Cabin In The Woods. Both fine choices, but not content with just enjoying the films for what they are, the team have taken the concepts and plunged them straight into the heart of their upcoming horror management game MachiaVillain. Taking further inspiration from …

Published on Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Burned To Light

Every now and then we like to check in with CatchMeKillMe, the production team who have released a steady stream of horror shorts over the last few years (if you want to check them out, click here for their YouTube channel). Not one to rest on his laurels, head honcho and writer/director Ian Messenger recently announced the team’s first full-length project, vampire flick BURNED TO LIGHT. Promising to bring the idea of bloodsuckers back to their ‘original c…

Published on Sunday, March 8, 2015


The Score (81)

We’ve yet another fine and varied collection of horror gaming news for you this week, mostly thanks to GDC. But whatever the reason, we’re always up for more digital carnage! This week’s offerings include a couple of mobile entries well worth your time (or at the very least the time it takes to watch the trailers), with Madfinger (those of Dead Trigger) announcing a new zombie apocalypse survival shooter and for reasons unknown deciding not to call it Dead…

Published on Saturday, March 7, 2015


The Score (80)

Does the following remind you of home life? “Trapped on an island prison, two heroes must fight to survive” Or perhaps this reminds you of most weekends? “A father searches for his daughter. Mysteries and monsters at every turn”. If so, dear reader, you’ve arrived at the right place this Sunday morning, for welcome to The Score, your weekly round-up of all the horror gaming news you can digest without the need for alcohol and Gaviscon. This week brought th…

Published on Sunday, March 1, 2015


Safe House?

How would you survive the zombie apocalypse? A simple question to mull over while amending the same spreadsheet you’ve been working on for the last couple of years. A simple question without a simple answer. No doubt you’d like to imagine the onset of the undead war would magically transform you into the zombie slaying hero you know you’ve always been, giving life to the side of you hidden away all these years patiently waiting to make a spectacular entran…

Published on Wednesday, February 25, 2015



Here at LaptopZombie we know a thing or two about comics, which is why it’s such a pleasant surprise to encounter a talented new creator for the first time. Writer/artist Rivenis, also known as Andrew Blackman, is a self-taught illustrator originally hailing from London, who now lives and works in the Caribbean. A concept artist and published comics creator, he’s also exhibited in galleries and shows. One look at the surreal and disturbing images on his we…

Published on Tuesday, February 24, 2015


The Score (79)

Sadly, this week’s edition of The Score (your one-stop-blood-soaked-shop for the week’s finest horror gaming news) was leaked online early. That’s right, folks, a YouTuber going by the name of “speedreader” managed to get their hands on these very words and promptly filmed themselves reading through the (stolen) text and watching the (also stolen) trailers included below. If that wasn’t cause for concern, the actual video itself clocked it at a mere ten mi…

Published on Saturday, February 21, 2015


The Hitch-Hiker

A few weeks ago we introduced you to innovative genre filmmaker Jaiden Frost and his series of original horror shorts made specifically for Instagram. Broken into 15 second segments, these bite-size chillers run the gamut from psychological thrillers to found footage to good old-fashioned slashers. Taking the concept of popular hashtag ‘Throwback Thursday’ as its starting point, Frost’s new project, THE HITCH-HIKER, is a remake of an old TWILIGHT ZONE epis…

Published on Friday, February 20, 2015


Under The Skin (123)

It seems like a long time since the last Under The Skin, the internet’s premier roundup of new horror trailers. We may not be as prolific as we once were, but we’re just as comprehensive, as you can see from the bumper crop below. We kick off with a remake – Gil Keenan’s update of Tobe Hooper’s POLTERGEIST. It’s never easy reimagining a classic, and they don’t come much more beloved than POLTERGEIST. Good luck, Gil. ‘Legendary filmmaker Sam Raimi (producer…

Published on Wednesday, February 18, 2015