Motte Island

Published on Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Motte Island game

There’s no two ways about it; survival horror video games are here to stay. While it could be argued that the content often serves to diminish the survival horror experience, be it with all-too frequent action set-pieces or an overreliance on clichés, the subgenre is thriving. Being rather less restricted than their corporate overlords, indie developers can usually be relied upon to bring new ideas and mechanics to this most tired to tables – which brings us nicely to One Aperture Games and their forthcoming top-down survival horror Motte Island. You may be surprised (and more than a little pleased) to learn that there’s not a single mention of the zombie apocalypse. The dead remain inanimate, safely ensconced six feet under. Motte Island has chosen a far great adversary for you to contend with, one we’re sure will strike fear into your hearts. So exactly what horrors await players who choose to download the forthcoming  Alpha demo? Only the bastard offspring of butterflies! That’s right, folks; moths. Not just ordinary ones, however – giant moths.

“A brother in a plot to save his sister from dark forces... or what it seems to be...

Motte Island is a horror-themed game. Considering that it is a top-down camera game, the horror genre of it makes it very rare. The storyline is well-thought and unique and exciting. You will find our game an adventures with endless possibilities. Each player may encounter different challenges depending on where they are heading. Be ready to jump off your seat while playing Motte Island.”


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